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  • Dating Do’s and Don’ts from a Couples Therapist


    We’ve all been there – the world of singles – a place that while fun and exciting, can be just as anxiety-provoking for many. As couples therapists, we are armed with tools that make relationships work, which gives us the ability to help coach individuals to make good dating decisions. We understand the many challenges that dating in today’s world presents: ever changing online options (do you get sick of seeing the same people on every dating site?!), time management, dating myths and expectations, negative mindsets that hold people back from diving into the dating pool, and much much more.

    If you are currently single but ready to find the right person; here’s a few dating do’s and don’ts to get you started:

    DO: be flexible in what your “type” is

    DON’T: stick to only one type of person, often times people miss out on potential partners because of their tendency to limit themselves!

    DO: know yourself and what you want, as thoroughly as possible

    DON’T: dive blindly into date after date without a road map, even if it’s just a simple list of your requirements or deal breakers (we often work with clients to perfect these lists !)

    DO: work on yourself prior to and during the process

    DON’T: forego personal goals to only participate in the world of dating – the law of attraction states that “like attracts like” – be the person you want to attract!

    DO: be aware of red flags (like someone who never asks you questions about yourself, or someone whose values are opposite yours)

    DON’T: ignore red flags or lose trust in your gut, especially if you are looking to find a life partner

    There’s so much more to learn about successful dating! If this process feels overwhelming to you, call us today to schedule your first appointment.

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