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  • Effective Communication Tips: Understanding Requests, Boundaries, and Ultimatums. (video)

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    Do you struggle with having your needs met from either your partner, friend or family member?

    Maybe you asked for your partner to help with more of the household chores and they didn’t take your request seriously.

    You’ve noticed the laundry pile up and the trash not being taken out and you are feeling like the house wouldn’t function without you being responsible for every task.

    The thought of having to ask for help again is infuriating.

    If you feel this way, you aren’t alone!

    Did you know that simply requesting help may not be enough and that there is a different approach that can help elicit some much needed change?

    In this month’s Therapy Moment, Maggie Zofkie, LPC, NCC teaches us the difference between giving a request, a boundary and an ultimatum for when you are feeling a disconnect and which approach will help you be heard the first time around.