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  • Am I being emotionally abused?


    Emotional or psychological abuse in a relationship can take a much different, and less obvious in some cases, role in romantic relationships. It may not rear its ugly head in the form of volatile explosions or angry, contempt-fueled outbursts – at times it is more elusive, confusing, or hard to detect. As a victim of emotional abuse, you probably feel low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, controlled, used, manipulated, or what many victims refer to as a constant feeling of “walking on eggshells.”

    This type of abuse in a relationship can take many forms: bullying, constant criticism, shaming, intimidation, and more. Basically it’s a dynamic that leads to the victim feeling as though someone else is in control of their entire life. As a result they begin feel like they are going crazy. Long-term emotional abuse can lead its victim to experience depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, among other mental health issues. If you suspect you are in a relationship where these dynamics are at play, you’re not alone, and should seek help. Here are some of the best ways to know if you should be classifying your relationship as “emotionally abusive”:

    1. Your partner humiliates you or puts you down in front of other people on a regular basis.
    2. You are constantly accused of being “too sensitive”
    3. You sense that your partner lacks remorse for destructive behaviors.
    4. Your partner uses guilt, pity, intimidation, and manipulation in order to make you feel like you are always in the wrong.
    5. Your partner blames other people for most of their wrongdoing and does not taking personal responsibility for their wrong action.
    6. They share personal information about you or your relationship with other people too frequently.
    7. Your partner is uncomfortable and becomes angry when he or she is not in control of everything

    If you recognize any of these in your own experiences please don’t continue to struggle alone. The therapist’s at Solid Foundations Therapy are equipped to help you.  Please call us today.

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