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  • Make your New Year’s Resolution Stick


    Be realistic:​​Create 1-3 reasonable resolutions. The longer your list, the more likely you will become overwhelmed and abandon all of them. If you reach your initial goals early in the year, you can always identify new ones!

    Break down your goals: Look at what you want to achieve and create small manageable steps you can take to move towards the ultimate goal. By making small behavior changes one at a time, you are more likely to maintain the change long term.

    Talk about it:​​Share your experience, success and struggles with friends and family. Ask them for help and support to keep you motivated. If appropriate join a group, class, or facebook page with others who have the same goal as you. Having support will make change easier.

    Don’t beat yourself up:​​Change takes time, energy and commitment. It is inevitable that with every two steps forward, there will be some steps back. When missteps happen, resist the urge to get mad at yourself or quit. Instead, give yourself grace, reboot, and focus on taking the best next step.

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