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  • Am I in a Relationship with a Narcissist?


    It’s a dreaded question. It’s possibly a question that you have half-heartedly asked yourself dozens of times without being fully ready to believe the answer. If you suspect your significant other has narcissistic traits, your relationship could be in a world of hurt. Reason being, people who possess these traits can be emotional con-artists, zapping you of your energy and making you question yourself at every turn, yet still coming back for more. It’s not an easy feat to be with someone like this, but it is possible to break free from the emotional abuse you’ve been suffering. Many of our clients who have been in this type of relationship come in to take the first step of figuring out how they would know – it is at this time that we educate them on what to look for. Below are some of the thing that you experiences if you are in a relationship with a Narcissist

    1. You feel crazy. People with narcissistic traits will often try to convince you that your viewpoint makes no sense. You may begin to believe that your thoughts and emotions are invalid because your partner questions them so often. This manipulative technique is called gas-lighting.
    1. You feel guilty or feel bad for your partner constantly. Your partner uses manipulation techniques of guilt and pity to wrangle you into feeling bad for them even if the reasons why don’t make sense to you.
    1. You have turned against friends or family members. Your partner is pitting you against friends or people from your family to take the heat off of him/her. Since he or she can never be in the wrong, you find yourself buying into their story that someone else is to blame, resulting in you having issues in your most important relationships.
    1. You don’t do things for YOU anymore. Being with a narcissist becomes about pleasing that person. You can’t remember the last time you did something for your self-care or that you enjoyed.
    1. You feel charmed and tricked and it always works out in their benefit. Your partner might be flashy, charming, and charismatic, so much so that someone on the outside would never know it is just an emotional game. But you know deep down inside that the charm is used only so they get what they want from you and then it goes away.
    1. Your partner breaks rules and violates boundaries all the time. He or she does not show care and respect towards others the way you wish they would. Sometimes people who feel entitled do not feel like they need to respect others’ property or relationships; they often “live above the rules” and don’t believe they need to play fair.
    1. They react negatively when they don’t get what they want. Narcissists tend to become easily upset by anything that does not prove beneficial to them. It can come off like a temper tantrum and you may feel like you do when dealing with a small child who isn’t getting their way. Narcissists have a very difficult time adjusting (or simply can’t) if they do not benefit from an outcome.

    If these situations are occurrences in your life, call us so we can help you!

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