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  • Jazmine Price, LMFT

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    Jazmine’s approach to therapy is a blend of compassion, relatability, practicality and directness that allows her clients to make changes quickly while feeling valued and understood. Her primary goal for her clients is to offer them a safe space where they can learn how to experience life in a more positive and healthy ways while creating the desired changes that brought them to therapy. Jazmine understands the complexity of relationships and that at times we all hit roadblocks that require us to seek outside help. She takes an active role when working with her clients to help them identify attainable goals and works side by side with them to help them reach those goals. Jazmine believes that change first starts from within, and as she guides her clients to search deeper into who they are, they are able to gain a better understanding of themselves and others in their world which results in long term behavioral changes. Jazmine’s warm but objective approach with her clients, allows them to feel safe and affirmed while working with her through the issues that brought them to therapy.

    Area’s of Special Interest:

    • Impacts of Trauma on Relationships
    • Cultural dynamics in Relationships
    • Life Transitions
    • BIPOC population


    • M.A from Wheaton College

    If you are a current client of Jazmine’s and need to reach her, please call (630) 633-8532 ext.5 *this extension does not accept texts*

    Client Portal: https://portal.therapyappointment.com/index.cfm/public:therapistdetail?directoryId=5fd5cb5bd94adc61c20835094c308a82