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  • Zack Devore, LCPC

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    Zack approaches therapy from the mindset that we all could use help at some point in our lives and that needing help isn’t a weakness. He believes that creating the best therapeutic atmosphere is done by meeting clients where they are currently at using a mix of humor, compassion, and understanding. His open, understanding and relatable style allows clients to feel safe sharing the most intimate aspects of their life with him. Zack’s focus in therapy is on helping to push the client to meet their goals while also holding space for the ups and downs that they will experience along the therapeutic journey. He strives to create an environment where any client can come in as they are, learn the tools needed and get the help that they need to live a life that is right for them.

    Areas of Special Interest:

    • LGBTQ+ population
    • Intimacy and Sexual Issues
    • Kink Affirming
    • Consensual Non-Monogamy


    • M.A from Benedictine University

    If you are a current client of Zack’s and need to reach her, please call (630) 633-8532 ext.11 *this extension does not accept texts*

    Client Portal: https://portal.therapyappointment.com/index.cfm/public:therapistdetail?directoryId=3992597DCBB04B1BA09B5132C80132E8