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  • Tips for Surviving CODID-19 Quarantine while in the Middle of a Divorce.



    Solid Foundations Therapy  was recently invited to collaborate on an expert panel and share some insights on how to deal with the stress of life and divorce on hold and self-quarantine with someone you no longer wish to be married to by Equitable Mediation.

    Here are my best tips from the article.

    When we are under high levels of stress and anxiety, like now during the COVID-19 Crisis, we often times struggle to truly regulate our emotions. Small things that typically roll right off of us feel insurmountable. We are quicker to anger and acting out.

    Similarly, as we start to struggle in our relationship, we become more sensitive and reactive to things our partner does. We assume they have negative intentions behind most if not all their actions. We allow ourselves to lash out and feel entitled to air our grievance.

    Put these two factors together and you are living in a powder keg ready to blow. Even if you are done with your marriage, now is the not the time for an explosion. Instead do the following to defuse the tension:

    1) Your partner isn’t all bad (even though some days it may feel that way), everyday remind yourself of 3-5 things that you appreciate or respect about your partner.

    2) Acknowledge to yourself that your perception is tainted and choose to give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

    3) Don’t discuss every annoyance when it hits you, but do schedule weekly time to talk about the significant things that need to be addressed.

    4) Share your feelings with a trusted friend or journal instead of bottling everything up.

    You can read the full article here: Coronavirus, Self-Quarantine and Divorce: Experts Share Survival Tips

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