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  • Affair Recovery

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    An affair is the most painful and devastating event that can happen in a relationship.

    The person who was cheated on feels like their entire world has been shattered. They feel deep levels of rage and sadness. They experience racing, obsessive thoughts and feel like they are going crazy.

    Many times the person who cheated wants to fix the damage they caused but feel helpless to do so. This feeling of helplessness is compounded by feelings of shame, remorse, defensiveness and often leads to a refusal to discuss the issue and a desire to just get over it.

    Couples find themselves stuck in a painful cycle of pulling towards each other and pushing each other away. They find themselves struggling to reconnect, gain trust and closeness while at the same time just trying to get through the day.

    As horrible as you are feeling right now there is hope. Through professional help recovery from an affair is possible. In fact, 70 percent of couples survive an affair. Many even tell us at the end of therapy that their marriage is better than ever.

    You don’t have to struggle alone. The therapists at Solid Foundations Therapy are here to help. We use a structured and action based approach that starts to provide relief quickly. By working together we help identify what the betrayed partner needs from the betrayer. We eliminate the feeling of helplessness for the betrayer by teaching him/her what they need to repair the damage their actions caused. Over time the pain starts to go away, trust and connection is restored and the couple is able to reclaim their relationship.

    Don’t continue to suffer. Let us help.

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