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  • Career Opportunities

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    Solid Foundations Therapy is an established and busy private practice located in Downers Grove, IL. We are a team of warm, fun, inclusive and professional therapists that pride ourselves on creating a positive team environment for each member of the staff. Our practice feels like a community where each therapist is supported, connected, and consistently growing.

    We specialize in working with individual adults and couples with our overall focus being mostly on romantic relationship issues. We are inclusive of all populations and see a diverse range of clients.  We support multicultural,  LGTBQ+, and consensual non-monogamous populations.

    We offer:

    • Competitive compensation: payment on per billable hour, compensation for administrative time, opportunities to earn bonuses.
    • Paid time off, paid holidays, and paid training days.
    • Health Insurance with employer contribution.
    • 401k with employer contribution.
    • Monthly Student loan Reimbursement.
    • Consistent client referrals
    • Licensor exam and license renewal fees covered
    • Liability and workman’s comp insurance.
    • $250 CEU stipend that increases annually and opportunities to participate in paid training events
    • No worry philosophy: Clinicians have no intake, initial scheduling, insurance or claims duties. Marketing is done for you.
    • Weekly group supervision.
    • Collaborative team environment and Opportunity for growth/promotion within the company.

    Key values of our brand:

    Client Care: We are mindful of our clients in everything that we do.  We value them as people and our relationship with them. We strive to meet them where they are at and help them reach their goals. 

    Integrity:  We are guided by our own strong personal ethics and the ethics of our profession. We stay accountable and follow through on all policies and procedures. 

    Continuing education: We strive to always be growing and remain teachable. We seek out new ideas, concepts, models and tools.   

    Research based concrete skills and tools: We believe in giving our client tangible and practical ways to change. We teach them ways that they can be, think and approach their world in better ways. We provide them with concrete tools they can apply outside of the therapy room to maintain the changes they seek.

    Our Culture:

    Teamwork and Community: We work hard to create a safe environment to grow (as a person  and therapist), share thoughts and opinions, and ask questions.  We encourage each person to seek out other team members for help, support or encouragement when ever needed.  

    Connection: We value creating a warm and welcoming environment where we can have fun while we work.  When not in sessions with a client our doors are alway open to easily create opportunities to connect, get to know each other and spend time together. 

    Open and honest communication (radical candor):  We value honesty and transparency in all our communication. We are willing to have the difficult conversations when needed instead of choosing to avoid, hide, or gossip to maintain a false sense of comfort.  We value questions, concerns, challenges and opinions from every member of our staff. 

    Diversity and Inclusion: Each member of our team brings their own unique personality (personally and professionally), history, experience and perspective. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from each person and love the ways they contribute to our ever evolving system. 

    Current Openings

    Staff Therapist

    We are seeking to add another talented and motivated therapist to our team as an employee (W2 position) to keep up with the demands of referrals. This is a great opportunity for a clinically focused, driven and team-oriented therapist who wants to focus on clients rather than the business aspects of private practice and enjoys working in a collaborative and fun environment.

    Candidate requirements:

    • Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or equivalent.
    • Holds an active ALMFT,  LMFT,  LPC, LCPC or LCSW license
    • Has a desire to work with couples. Previous experience with couples and training/familiarity with Gottman method, EFT, RLT a plus.
    • Have 30 open slots to see clients across 4 days/week (including 2 weekday evenings, and either Saturday or Sunday).
    • Participate in weekly group supervision.
    • Desire to grow as a therapist: Be open to learning, self motivated, organized, eager to grow as a person/therapist and have an understanding of a variety of therapeutic research based modalities.

    If interested in applying for this position please send resume to [email protected]  and fill out this questionnaire https://forms.gle/C8F4YEZvjTNDiwhJ7

    Staff Therapist/Supervisor

    We are looking to add a talented and Motivated Marriage and family therapist/supervisor to our team. In addition to the regular staff therapist responsibilities, the supervisor will oversee two to three therapists under them. As a supervisor you will be responsible for running group supervision, make sure that yourself and the clinicians under you maintain all the standards and requirements at SFT, provide 1-1 guidance as needed, meet with the practice owner and other team leaders as needed.

    Candidate requirements:

    • Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or equivalent.
    • Holds an LMFT License. LCSW and LCPC will be considered if they have previous experience working with couples.
    • Has supervision and/or management experience.
    • Has previous experience working with couples and a passion to continue doing so.
    • Have 30 open slots to see clients across 4 days/week (including 2 weekday evening, and either Saturday or Sunday)
    • Be able to run weekly group supervision.

    If interested in applying for this position please send resume to [email protected] and fill out this questionnaire https://forms.gle/bNJybaXL5LYrNZ689