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  • Maty Patino Trejo- MFT Intern

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    Intern-Sliding Scale Available

    Maty is a dedicated therapist who combines directness with humor, compassion, and abundant empathy to foster a safe and empowering environment for her clients. With unwavering support, she places their well-being at the forefront, guiding them through their therapeutic journey with confidence.

    Maty considers herself a motivator, inspiring clients to unearth their best selves. She actively encourages them to work towards their ultimate therapy goals, promoting personal growth and positive change.

    Her expertise spans working with diverse individuals and couples, helping them attain the happiness they seek. Notably, Maty has a strong commitment to working with minorities, acknowledging the need for increased cultural representation in the therapeutic field, particularly for people of color. Her passion lies in cultivating a more inclusive and comfortable space for minorities seeking therapy.

    When it comes to helping clients manage challenging situations, she does not shy away from offering “tough love”. She focuses on providing the tools necessary for self-improvement and personal growth, ensuring her clients are well-equipped to navigate life’s complexities.

    Areas of Special Interest:

    • Grief
    • Multicultural issues
    • Depression
    • Sexual intimacy
    • Consensual non monogamy


    • M.A. from Northwestern University in progress
    • Discernment Counseling

    If you are a current client of Maty’s and need to reach her, please call (630) 633-8532 ext.7 *this extension does not accept texts*

    Client Portal: https://api.portal.therapyappointment.com/n/public/clientRegistration?therapistId=FBBE7A66C9FC44E4BB38FA210AB38443