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  • Kimberly A. Hart, LCPC, NCC, ACS

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    Kimberly approaches her work with clients and client-systems through a holistic lens, understanding that many of the challenges they face may stem from systemic injustices and limited access to diverse resources. With empathy and patience, she guides each client through their unique therapeutic journey, fostering life-giving transformations both internally and within their community.

    Central to Kimberly’s philosophy is the belief in the inherent value of each client. She acknowledges that clients make choices based on the opportunities available to them in each moment and works to help them embrace and celebrate their capabilities. Kimberly empowers her clients with agency, enabling them to maximize their potential for creating health and wholeness in their lives.

    Passionate about fostering wholehearted living, Kimberly places a strong emphasis on relationships and affirms her clients in their journey towards self-discovery and growth. She takes on various roles – collaborator, explorer, consultant, and authentic motivator – to support clients in internalizing their strengths and addressing areas for growth. Through personalized assessment and treatment planning, Kimberly guides clients towards manifesting a life filled with contentment, joy, and peace.

    Experience the transformative journey with Kimberly, where holistic approaches and compassionate guidance lead to profound personal growth and enriched relationships. Discover a therapist dedicated to your well-being and empowered self-realization.

    Areas of Special Interest:

    • Dating
    • Premarital Counseling
    • Intrapersonal Empowerment
    • Divorce
    • Grief and Loss


    • M.S.Ed Counseling from Northern Illinois University
    • National Board-Certified Counselor (NCC)
    • Approved Clinical Supervisor

    If you are a current client of Kimberly’s and need to reach her, please call (630) 633-8532 ext. 9 *this extension does not accept texts*