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  • Family Therapy

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    Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have!

    As much as we wish they did, kids do not come with an instruction book. Parents often find themselves second guessing their choices and discipline styles. They feel frustrated when their kids don’t listen to them and don’t follow the rules. The house can become a war zone with constant fighting and power struggles.

    If the above describes you, then family therapy is your answer. Let us help you regain control of your household, teach you research proven discipline techniques and build a positive relationship with your kids.

    Adult Children/Parent Relationships

    Adult children are launching later in life and living with their parents longer. This new life stage doesn’t always go smoothly. Parents still want to feel respected in their own home and expect certain rules to still apply. The children are now legally adults and wish to be treated as such, often times not wanting to have any rules. Power struggles and conflicts are common as both parties try to negotiate this transition.

    You do not need to continue to feel frustrated and angry. Let us help you get your parent/child relationship back on track. We will provide a safe, controlled and unbiased environment to identify the root causes of the conflicts. Our goal is to help you create solutions that work for everyone involved.

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