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  • Consensual Non-Monogamy

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    You Have the Power to Create Your Ideal Relationship!

    Are you looking to explore the world of non-monogamy but unsure how to test the waters? Are you already in a poly system but find communication is proving to be a bit difficult to keep everyone on the same page? Are you struggling to get beyond feelings of jealousy or past hurts?  Do you need help renegotiating expectations?

    Being polyamorous can get complicated! All romantic relationships have the potential to run into the same challenges-conflicts, unmet needs, sexual discrepancies, ect. Having multiple romantic partners increases the chances of those issues coming up in lots of different ways.  We have to be even better at taking more people’s needs and wants into account while balancing our own.

    The good news is that when done right people who engage in polyamory can have just as satisfying – mentally, emotionally, sexually – relationships as any other relationship does.  Let the therapists at Solid Foundations Therapy help you get the most out of your consensual non-monogamous relationship.

    Are You New to Non-Monogamy?

    If this is your first foray with polyamory, you are at an exciting place in your personal and romantic journey.  You may also be experiencing some stress and confusion as you change the rules around how you have lived up to this point and start to open your relationship. Maybe you have concerns about how to balance different relationships, how you will handle feelings of jealousy or a fear that you may lose yourself within multiple relationships.  You may have tons of questions around how to move forward without damaging your current relationship.  This is where the therapists at Solid Foundations Therapy comes in.

    Our therapists can help you navigate and negotiate an exciting new relationship dynamic!  With empathy, compassion and practical guidance we will help you determine what works best for you. Based on where you are in your journey your therapist will walk you through the process of  creating a structure that works best for you.  They will also provide you with the communication tools necessary to successfully navigate the multiple conversations on this topic.

    Our therapists will work with you to figure out if opening up your relationship is right for you. Whether it be non-monogamous- having sexual relationships with multiple people whilst maintaining only one romantic relationship. Polyamory – having multiple romantic relationships. Or maybe it is some combination of the two. We will help you figure out what structure fits you best and how to set up rules, boundaries and expectations that help meet everyone’s needs while maintaining a strong and healthy primary relationship.

    Working with a therapist will help you:

    • Determine if living a consensual non-monogamous lifestyle is for you.
    • Share your desires with your current partner.
    • Help you determine the details of the lifestyle you want to live.
    • Provide you with the tools necessary to comfortably communicate what you need.
    • Guide you through negotiating the different needs of everyone involved and get you on the same page.
    • Strengthen the foundation of your primary relationship.
    • Navigate any external stresses that may come up as a result of your Polyamorous identity/relationship.

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    Are You Struggling in Your Polyamorous Relationships?

    Relationships, like everything else in life, change over time. Even when you’ve put in the work negotiating the emotional and physical needs of each partner, sometimes things still don’t quite connect. Our romantic relationships make up such a large part of our lives and when they are not in tip top shape, it can also radiate out into our daily lives.

    Maybe you find yourselves fighting over the same thing repeatedly or having a hard time compromising on what everyone needs. One or more individuals continue to struggle with feelings of jealousy or mistrust. Possibly one of you agreed to something you didn’t really want to and are now struggling with the consequences. Or maybe there was a large betrayal of trust that hasn’t been addressed.

    The therapists at Solid Foundations Therapy have helped countless romantic relationships get back on track. We care about relationships in all their forms and want to work with you to provide you with the right support and tools to help you recapture the joy of your dynamic.

    Working with a therapist will help you:

    • Identify what wasn’t working so you can take concrete steps to fixing it.
    • Strengthen your communication skills.
    • Learn to manage conflicts that arise between you and any of your romantic partners.
    • Learn to regulate the challenging emotions that may come up due to having multiple relationships.
    • Heal from past hurts, indiscretions, or betrayals.
    • Have a safe space to renegotiation any areas that are no longer serving you.
    • Help you strengthen all areas of your relationship.

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    Why work with us?

    Solid Foundation Therapists are poly friendly, knowledgeable about open relationships and have extensive romantic relationship training. We take the time to get to know everyone involved, guide you through determining what you need from therapy and create a safe place where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions. Based on your needs we create a customized plan of action that we will jointly work on weekly to help you achieve your goals.  Our primary goal is to help you and your partner figure out and achieve a configuration that allows everyone’s needs to be met and allows everyone to feel loved in the way that works best for them.

    We pride ourselves on using evidence-based tools and interventions to help you meet your goals. These include but are not limited to Gottman’s Couple Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These interventions are designed to help you realize what you want from your relationship, be able to productively express what you want, be willing to negotiate with your partners, and help manage emotional reactions that come up. Whether you are just starting to consider opening your relationship, have started experimenting with the lifestyle or need help repairing your relationship you don’t have to do it alone.

    Let Us Join You On This Journey

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