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  • Ashley Fincher, M.A

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    Ashley’s therapeutic approach is grounded in principles of warmth, curiosity, motivation, and empowerment. Her core mission as a therapist is to serve as a guiding light for her clients as they navigate challenging life experiences, aiding them in rediscovering the joys within their lives and relationships.

    Ashley deeply appreciates the individuality of each person’s perspective and cultivates a secure and welcoming environment that enables her clients to delve into self-exploration, examine their values, and assess their relationships. Simultaneously, she collaborates with her clients to confront and challenge any beliefs that may be hindering their progress toward their goals.

    Ashley adopts an active role in facilitating transformative change by equipping her clients with the essential tools needed to create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

    Areas of Special Interest:

    • Trauma

    • Dating

    • Relationship Conflicts

    • Self-esteem


    • M.A From Adler University

    If you are a current client of Ashley’s and need to reach her, please call (630) 633-8532 ext.3 *this extension does not accept texts*

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