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  • 3 Common Marriage Myths


    What is love if not a blissful, romantic, conflict-free connection with our significant other? The “honeymoon stage” is characterized by an abundance of positive feelings, lots of sex/affection, and an overall high that feels good but unfortunately can’t last forever. It’s not wrong to want the best for your relationship, however the unrealistic expectations of what the relationship should look like often keeps us from being happy. Acceptance of the real work it takes to keep a long term relationship going is a big part of attaining the results that we seek. If you believe the following, you may fall victim to common myths that are keeping you from developing a more satisfying love connection:

    1. Good marriages can only happen with Mr. or Mrs. Right. – If things aren’t going well, it must be because you married the wrong person! Think again. It could be that you and your partner have some differences that are irreconcilable, but more often this is due to unrealistic expectations about relationships. Relationships aren’t perfect, and they aren’t easy (all the time), no matter which partner you have chosen.
    1. Conflict is bad! – Conflict with a spouse isn’t pleasant, that’s for sure. However, it is inevitable in any relationship. People have different beliefs about life and love that were shaped by their unique experiences. When those beliefs are opposing, conflict occurs. This would be true of any partner. Developing skills to manage this conflict is key.
    1. Partners “complete each other” – so pursuing your own goals gets in the way. Individual autonomy is as important as being intimate with your partner. A sign of a healthy relationship is one where spouses can separate but also resume a great level of intimacy upon their return back to each other. Giving up your own desires and needs will make you – and your marriage – unhappy.

    Let us help you navigate these and other myths in your marriage that may be standing in the way of true intimacy. Contact us today so we can help you create and meet realistic expectations in your marriage.

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