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  • 3 Signs Your Relationship is in Danger of an Emotional Affair


    The Ashley Madison hacking scandal has brought the public’s attention to just how prevalent cheating is in our society. While there are people who deliberately seek out an affair, many other unintentionally move down the relationship slippery slope, find themselves developing inappropriate feelings and crossing boundaries.


    Unfortunately, by the time a client enters our office they are either on the slippery slope and are considering an affair or their marriage has already been devastated by the betrayal of one.

    The process of recovering from this damage is never an easy journey, but we work hard to provide our clients with education they need to either heal or move forward from this devastating event.

    One of the best ways to protect your marriage from an affair is to be aware of risky behaviors and be vigilant not to cross those lines in the first place. Here are three signs you are putting your relationship in danger of an emotional affair:

    • Secrecy – if there is any element of secrecy about a relationship with someone other than your spouse, it is likely an inappropriate relationship. Are you hiding details that, if this person was just a friend, you’d be openly sharing at home?
    • Sharing – a line has been crossed if you are sharing details with someone else that you have not been sharing with your spouse. Are you building emotional intimacy with another person while your marriage is suffering?
    • Sexual Chemistry – you may not have begun a physical relationship yet, but if sexual chemistry is in the equation, you’re taking a huge risk. Is it apparent that there’s sexual chemistry between you and someone other than your spouse?

    If you have found yourself getting to close to the slippery slop or already on it, DON’T WAIT for it to get worse, contact us today so we can start helping your coarse correct your relationship.

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